Yes, vacation is over. Can’t say it was the best I ever had tho. First of all I hate the holidays and the compulsory happiness, and man, those carols got on my nerves !
My parents and in-laws came for dinner on Xmas eve, and that was fairly allright, but dinner the next day was hell: bad food, bad company. And then I got ill… Sniffing, sneezing, fever, coughing, generally feeling lousy. The only ever so nice thing was the fact that my Scots love came over, and that felt sooooo good ! We didn’t do much tho, mainly due to the fact that I wasn’t feeling well. Then NYE was allright too, but the next day, those family visits… Hmmm… And then, after I had more or less gotten the better of my flu virus, my PC became infected with a major virus as well that wiped my Windows, so I spent the rest of my vacation trying to set up my system again.
It’s allright by now, but now I’m back to work as well. Back to the old routine of getting up early, teaching, shopping for groceries, doing stuff around the house, make preparations and corrections…

Heh… Just my luck that I really really like my job. In fifth grade we started today with Love Poetry, which is soo nice to teach. Even when I’m feeling particularly cranky, after such a class I feel completely refreshed. Mmmm, Catullus, Ovidius, Horatius… Some Sappho from time to time… And then 3rd grade: the Metamorphoses, really nice as well.

People sometimes ask me why I’m a Latin teacher. I just can’t explain. After all those years I’m still in love with the language, and I LLLLLLLLove to teach 17year olds how to look upon a dead language as being really alive. Heh, the mere beauty of a Latin poem, the dephts of the feelings… I can’t explain. But as my students say: ‘Miss, when we see the sparkle in your eyes when you talk about Latin, we know enough. You love Latin ! You’re stark raving mad ! And we like it !’

Guess life can be okay sometimes.

Oh, and Les ? Love you !

Ok, seems I just ruined three sockets up till now, the machines are working fine.

Which can’t be said of my PC ! Well, most of it works great, but practically the most important program to me, my WordPerfect, just crashes on launching ! I already uninstalled and reinstalled, and it still gives errors on starting up. Nearly crying here, I badly badly badly need that program !

BTW, I can’t figure out what soundcard I have installed, since there are NO drivers left. Anyone any idea ? Nothing is mentioned on the card itself, I’m afraid, just some numbers… Sigh… I SO hate computers ! Why then am I addicted to them ?

Heh, I got a brand new dryer last night from my in-laws as a present. Never had a laundry dryer before, and as it’s freezing solid for a couple of days now, it comes in handy. Well… Untill last night I tried to get both the laundry machine and the dryer on the same socket of the electricity network. Guess I already blew the fuses in both the machines, great ! Why sometimes am I such an unthinking dork ? I should have known !

Heh, and still trying to fix this computer, since on january 2 I got a very nasty virus that killed off my Windows, and I had to reformat my Cdrive. I can’t see any data lost so far, but I need to reinstall every bloody program, and that sure takes a while, from Windows, to Office, to Winamp, to Acrobat, to printers… Grrr !!! Man , I hate this ! And I lost all my ICQ contacts, my complete addressbook… Blah !

Man, I’m cranky lately… Probably has to do with upcoming period, I’m pretty hormone sensitive. But today I really had reason to be cranky ! Such a bunch of incompetent idiots ! I don’t mind that people don’t know much about computers, or about graphix and that kinda stuff, as long as they just admit it. I’m always the first one to help colleagues out when they’re stuck. But… I’m making the new schoolpaper now, and the first issue was made by the boss and the secretary. Still wonder how they managed, no wonder the lay out was lousy ! I was taking over, and that was that. Since they didn’t bother to give me any information, I made it in WP (yep, graphically still superior to the MS shit), A5, hard copy. I had to beg for the drawing on the front page. ‘NP’ the secretary said, ‘I’ll mail it to you’. Me happy, untill I saw she sent me a Corel Draw preview. Hmm. Next day, I tell her that’s pretty worthless, so… ‘Np’, she says, ‘I’ll send it again’. I get a happy mail, telling me she sent a Word file this time. ‘For a jpg?’ I think. Oh well, I can rip it. Uh huh. She has sent me a word object from the entire front page, utterly bad quality, and useless again. Oh well… By now, as I hand in the papers, they tell me they want it digitally. oh ? Err, ok, I’ll put it on CDrom and hand it in. Next day: sorry, no can do, we can’t use the WP file. Oh ? ‘BTW, that frontpage still doesn’t look good’. Hell yeah, I know ! ‘Mind giving me THE BLOODY JPG I’VE BEEN ASKING FOR ? Instead of sth else ? I’ll try and save it in the computer room as PDF then.’ Well, to cut it short, she has given me three different disks with everything BUT a jpg, bmp or png on it, so my colleague finally went down and took the jpg himself. Bloody morons ! Turns out the computer I’ve made the changes on, is blocked with a password by one of our students, so no network. CRAP !
Ok, this patient soul resolves to take everything home again, and rewrite the whole document on disk as PDF. Ok. Everything solved ? NAh ! ‘Sorry, but we can’t use the PDF format on A5. It should be A4 and portrait. Oh, and can you please email it to us then, cos we’re running out of time’. Grrr !!! Ok, another two hours spent reformatting the whole thing. Heh, mail, and gone. GONE ??? No way ! ‘Mailbox storage exceeded’ The morons didn’t have an email account large enough ! Grrr !!! I tried to cut the document in half, no use. Heh, finally uploaded it on my server, and gave them the addy where they could find the bloody PDF digital A4 format. BLAH !

And then Bart and Les were wondering why I was pissed ! Instead of just telling me what they could and could not handle ???? I really hate incompetent people !

Heh, 20 minutes past midnight, and no more corrections for me this year !! Hehe, finally done !! You students, you should realise what you make us go through every single exam period again !!!
Happy girl here now (for as long as it lasts, heh) !
Oh btw, LOTR really ruled !!!

Another morning, another day… There’s nothing else to do but carrying on, I suppose, so that’s what I’m doing here. Gonna be an extremely busy day, since I still have about 20 exams to correct till tomorrow, and it takes me half an hour a piece… Was supposed to go to a birthday party yesterday, but never made it. Just didn’t feel like it, for a number of reasons. One of them being that the band I founded was playing there, and after they have kicked me out half a year ago, it’s still painful to hear the songs I used to play as well… They modified them so they don’t need a violin anymore. Oh well… Another evening wasted, another evening survived.
At least I have seen LOTR !

Blah, gonna correct. Wish me luck !

Heh. My mood has cleared up a bit. The concert I just saw was really good, I must admit. I knew the Rubio Quartet was allright, as they are friends of my parents and I knew them. The singer was good, that I knew too. And I don’t think Elvis Costello still needs a recommendation. The combo just HAD to be allright, and yes, it was. Some splendid music, really good artists, and heh, a good talk with them afterwards. Pity I still feel a bit annoyed tho. But read this text, and see what I mean.

‘Dear Sweet Filthy World’

Dear sweet filthy world, my wife or whoever reads this
I think that I’ve lived too long
With all of my promise unfullfilled
But there is a veil drawn over all of that

I know you’ll probably say ‘Spare us the melodrama’
‘I don’t know how he chose the pills or the stupid revolver’
I’m out of luck

I’m not that strong
My hands, your neck
I might have wrung

Don’t try to find me
I’m not worth anything anymore
I’m not leaving you with all of your problems
The biggest one is me

Life is dark
Cold as the sea
Embrace me in my anguish
Put seawood in my hair and vow that you won’t cry because I’ve gone
I can’t go on, I can’t go on, I can’t go on
I must close now

Does anyone of you ever have a fight over a pizza ??? Cos I just did and I hate it !

Bart and I went out for coffee, as we always do on friday afternoon with our friends, and we had agreed on taking a snack somewhere before heading to the concert tonight (Rubio String Quartet and Patrick Riguelle, performing ‘The Juliet Letters’ of Elvis Costello, yummie). Eventually he didn’t feel like it, and wanted to come home for a pizza. I can’t help it if he ate all the pizzas last week. There was only one left… Man, he started shouting at me, that he hadn’t eaten anything yet today (neither have I) and that one shared pizza wasn’t enough, and that he was going out for fries then. He didn’t even listen to me saying that my stomach was a little upset (heh, strong coffee on an empty stomach with ulcers: bad idea :-p) so now we’re both annoyed, and I put the bloody pizza back in the freezer. Man, I can hate men sometimes !

Heh… So this is it, my very own live journal…

Still don’t know if I’ll be using it very often, but I somehow felt the need of writing down a kind of diary… And as I completely hate to write by hand, what can be handier than a computerized version ? Somehow I don’t dare to share my innermost thoughts with someone else I know than my husband, my lover and my very best friend, the three men in my life… But as the ones who’ll be reading this, will be netfriends, I guess I can open up a little more. Yes Randall, you’ll be the exception, but I know I can trust you, so that doesn’t matter to me. You know pretty much about me anyway.


Is pretty weird tho. Guess I need to get used to the idea as well. It was Coyote tho who made me feel the need for sth like this. He gave me his lj addy a couple of weeks ago, and one of his entries really touched me. Coyote, somehow I consider you a really good friend, and I hardly see you on line, we don’t often talk, and we haven’t even met yet. And yet… I think you’re just a kindred soul. I just feel at ease with you, and you seem to understand me as well… Thx Sparkling-Eyes !

Guess I’ll leave it to this for tonight… Bit tired, and my neck has been hurting for days, something is really wrong there, but they can’t find a thing on the Xrays…

Thx for reading this, guys, and for adding me… you’ll be hearing of me soon !!!


P.S. Guys… Guess you all know this is gonna be pretty confidential ?