Yep, 10.45 here, and the heat is already blasting…
Woke up yesterday at 8.00 in my tent cos of that bloody heat, my tent was in the sun and I felt scorched. Well, been scorched all weekend, but no matter what Randall or Grimlach may say, it was a hell of a weekend 🙂

Didn’t feel like updating in the first place, since glod, my sweety, nearly said it all already… But I just want to tell my wonderful week.

Poor guy arrived here in Belgium on Sunday a week ago, the very day I got surgery, so my beloved husband was so sweet to pick him up at the airport. Aren’t those two the greatest ? Gotta love them !
As I didn’t feel too great for a couple of days, we didn’t do much on monday and tuesday… He knew that on beforehand, but didn’t mind, since all he really wanted was being close to me. So missed that guy the last months…

I wanted us to go to Paris for his birthday, but my cycle had decided otherwise: I needed to go back to the hospital to get the fertilized eggs implanted that day, so no Paris for us 🙁 Oh well, gonna do it some other day then, no biggie.
We met with Faust en went for lunch, so there I was at a table in a restaurant, surrounded by my three guys, chatting away. Felt so good 🙂 None of them has a problem with it, and that is just something beyound expectation ! At a certain moment I said ‘schat’ (the Dutch word for honey), and both Bart and Faust looked up from their plate and said ‘yes ?’ . I started to laugh, and Faust said: ‘Well, if you had said it in English, we might all three have answered…’ Made me blush, but also glow inside… Happy girl, me.
Bart had to leave for work, so Faust, Glod and I went for coffee. After a couple of hours, Faust was on his way too, and Glod and I went for a long walk around a local lake, as I wanted to show him the one hillthing we have around here: there is an artificial ski piste on it, can’t be THAT small, right ? Tho we couldn’t find it at first, was hidden behind some trees :-p
Didn’t do much more that day, didn’t feel too great in the evening again.

Hmm, just great !!! I’m developing this huge cold/flu thing, in the middle of summer and when my love is over, and when I need to stay healthy to make the embryos feel at home. Slept a lot, helped my father-in-law a bit who came to trim our huge hedge, but nothing more. I feel so sorry for Glod… I currently feel like a genuine snotling… Glad I’m not green tho :-p
At night we went for a game of Chtulhu, was hilarious again ! Used tons of tissues tho, and developed a headache. Was completely beat by the time we got home again.
Glod won’t let me drive to Paris the next day, it’s too long a drive when I’m ill. Guess he’s right :-((((

More snot, more illness. I HATE it ! We got to clean the car, so at least that’s done. Didn’t do much more tho, since I preferred lying on the couch feeling rotten most of the day.

Slept long, and at noon Peter, our beloved friend from Den Haag arrived :-))) We sat outside in the garden for quite a while in the afternoon, just chilling, then went for groceries and especially more Coke. Plan was to go out at night to the first day of the Gentse Feesten with the Tolkien Society, all dressed up as characters from Lord of the Rings, handing out flyers for the Storytelling. No such luck: it started to pour !
I had the feeling it might get dry again later on, so I took my costume in the car, and we went to Faust. Needed to pick up my new spikey collar he made for me, as a gift ! 🙂 He and Jurryt were leaving for Prague next day, so I definitely wanted to see him before he left. Was a fun evening ! Man, we laughed a lot ! The guys decided to dub me a Chaos Hobbit ! Chaos cos of the spikes, Hobbit cos I’m small and have the costume… Was really fun !
Then, since sun was shining again, we went for the party zone, without costumes tho since the wussies of the society all thought it was too wet 🙁
We managed to walk a lot, talk a lot, find some food, listen to some music, I met quite some friends, and we generally had good fun. Was exhausted by the cold by the time we got home, which wasn’t too late, being 1.30 AM or so.

Peter had to leave at 11, so I woke Glod as well and we said goodbye… Since Glod wasn’t awake yet, he went back to bed, I did some administration, went to see him, snuggled up to him, and fell asleep too :-p Woke up only at 3 pm !
We did bits of nothing, I cooked, and at 8 we were at the Tolkien Society HQ to meet Randall and the others. I dressed up as a Hobbit, Glod was a very impressive Nazgûl ! Gonna ask him to post the pic we took.
We walked around in the party zone, handing out flyers, scaring people, having fun and sore feet. Managed to make it for the fire spectacle at 11. Was good, not too great, but good. Went back into the heart of the party, had a drink (or two/three/four) and then headed home, since I was beat (damn cold!) and had to do storytelling next day.

Got up pretty late again, found some food in the party zone, went to the Trollenkelder, got dressed up as my Hobbit again for the storytelling. Glad my voice was pretty allright, and I didn’t sound too nasal anymore. Second part tho, I had to cut in half cos I started to cough. Grrr !!! Storytelling was allright tho.
Then Glod and I wandered around town (different atmosphere in the party zone during the day, lots of people still tho), I bought myself a ring, and tried to found one for him. No such luck so far tho. He’s both too picky and too broadfingered.
We headed back home round 6 pm, got some food, and watched some telly, as I was beat again. I HATE colds ! Glod was feeling very blah tho, didn’t feel like doing anything: no PC games, no TV, no Gentse Feesten, no reading, no nothing 🙁
Later on, as I tucked him in, he told me that it was because Thursday was getting closer, and then he has to leave again 🙁 I know, sweety, I know 🙁

Being today… Got up round 10, Glod is still sleeping, I still have a headache because of the cold. No Paris, I’m afraid :-(((
Need to get an injection later on today, and then we’ll prolly meet up with my mom and walk around the party zone again. See some street theatre or Puppetbuskers. Yep yep 🙂
Still need to do homework tho: storytelling again tomorrow, gonna tell the story of Beren and Luthien from the Silmarillion, still need to read it tho. Weather doesn’t look too great now.

Hmm, I’d better go shower, and get dressed, no ?

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