Hmm, didn’t do a real update for a while, and it’s not like anyone will be really interested anyway, but hey…
Spent my first week and a half of my vacation running from one spot to another, performing one task after another. Weather’s not been that good, so why not ? Still ever so busy these days.
On friday Bart started his first day at his new job, leaving him pretty exhausted. He had promised to cook in the evening for Faust and Jurryt, but since he felt all empty, I decided to cook us all a Thai/Chinese meal. Bit of chopping, but all worked out fine. Was a good night, I daresay.
Had a wonderful evening on saturday with Gwen and Erik, two of my fellow college students who have been my best friends ever since. Bart and I were invited to go out for Thai food for her birthday, so we said hi to their little boy Leander and left for a nice meal indeed. Ended up in the Opatuur, a jazz cafe here in Gent. They truly are my best friends, apart from Faust then.
On monday I went out at night to one of my former students, she just finished her first year at college as a Civil Engineer Architecture. As it was a nice and warm evening, we went into town, bought ourselves a huge ice cream cone and sat on the banks of the river that runs thru the city, surrounded by very old and pretty houses, the medieval castle, some works of art, a lot of people, mostly young and alternative, and a bunch of guitar and violin playing young guys who sat there just for fun and smoking some weed. All this created this special atmosphere that I so appreciate in my hometown. So we sat there and talked, discussed Art Nouveau, the evolution of Classicism, the developments and novelties from Roman architecture into Gothic style, the forces which contain an arch etc etc. Was really interesting ! Then we headed to her place and she taught me some basics of perspective drawing. Had a real Aha-Erlebnis there :-). Was only home at 2.00 AM, in bed by 4 (couldn’t sleep).
Tuesday was pretty busy too, and somehow I felt exhausted by all of it. Pulled a string in my arm too in trying to tame another part of our ferocious hedge. Managed to get away in the afternoon to have coffee with Faust, was nice šŸ™‚
Today I spent the day at an old friend’s house, making another banner for the LARP. Hadn’t seen her for a really long time, so it felt good… Hadn’t even seen her little boy since he was born, and he’s about 1.5 years old now ! Such a shame, he’s sweet.
Anyway, I did manage to do a lot of stuff, all in all. Feels good.

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