Yep, 10.45 here, and the heat is already blasting…
Woke up yesterday at 8.00 in my tent cos of that bloody heat, my tent was in the sun and I felt scorched. Well, been scorched all weekend, but no matter what Randall or Grimlach may say, it was a hell of a weekend šŸ™‚

I admit, it’s seriously different from what other lives may be, but then again, the Walloons have a totally different notion of roleplaying. We try to get them to roleplay, and they’re not used to it. To them a weekend like this is hanging out, drinking, and occasionally bashing. And cheating a lot ! Honour, honesty and worthiness don’t mean much to them… Weird, cos most of our characters would gladly die if their honour were challenged !

Anyway, I arrived on saturday round noon (since Bart had mentally broke down on friday and needed me with him; took him to the live, he really needed a break) and even before I got checked in and changed, my band of Amazons had already seen me, cheered, and given me my captain’s tokens. šŸ™‚
So we started on accompanying (I mean the group of Amazons) our Baron to the Guilds’ Village, where you could have all the roleplay you wanted (been there, tried anything, Randall, Grimlach ???). Problem was: if I wanted to gain levels in the Arms’ Guild, I had to fulfill some missions and militia’s, and I just had no time for that !! We had tower and castle guard from 4 till 8 PM, in the scorching heat! Luckily the tower had four stores, so only the upper one was in the sun. Me as a captain, I took my responsibility and stayed up there for four hours. I was wearing tons of sunmilk, and my steel bra. Man, if I had been a breast feeding mother, the milk certainly would have been sterile, it was cooked !

After 8 I tried to eat a little, then there was the mass for Elena: fucking good one, since we gained sth from the Guild of Rituals, and then there was a captains’ meeting, to discuss strategie and things. So afterwards we waited a little for our ambassadors to come back, quarreled a little with some other factions, killed some Chardons, helped out the Scorpions, were under attack, and so on. I also managed to speak to Grand Master Achim again, the Master of the Guild of Knowledge, to find out what he wanted me to do for my second level of Medicine. Turned out it was lots, and I wouldn’t have the time anymore for all of it, but with a lot of help from others in the base camp, we managed to make a swell brancard and a neat hospital, which gained us a lot of credit.
By then I was exhausted, and I sat by the campfire, talking, singing, having fun, till 4 am.
Needed to get up at 7 for a general assault on the Chardons’ castle, only woke an hour later, so I manned the tower. Assault didn’t work, since there was no one in the castle; and we didn’t bring our siege weapons. Was fun tho !
Round 1 pm finally came the end battle, in an open field in the scorching sun. We all had been ordered to wear sth on our heads, and to bring lots of water. We had to perform a ritual, but our adversaries would want to keep us from that, so… The fighters, ours and our allies, got in line, forming a shield wall. I was behind that, shooting arrows, and I’m proud I did manage to hit quite a few ! Then I grabbed my pole and tried to hit people from behind the shields, but eventually we got run over, cos they’re so used to this kind of fighting, and man, they’re just plain good !!! The ritual was performed successfully tho, so in a way, even tho we got nearly all killed, we won !

Oh, and one major other thing: we managed to kill off for good that bloody blasted cheater of a Dark Elf !!!!!! We executed him, so he’s gone permanently ! YAY ! Was reason for a party in the castle, believe me !!!!!

Was a great weekend, to my opinion, and about 140 people of our faction do share that opinion (out of 150). Pity some didn’t like it, but if you start out by saying: ‘I don’t feel like it, I’d rather stay home, it will suck, we’ll have our BBQ there and then return, cos it will suck big time’, well… What do you expect ?

Gonna do some work now, if I manage, that is, in this heat. We’re not used to this, and nearly no houses do have airconditioning here šŸ™

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