Just some thoughts…

* Cold is finally receding: I still have a headache and my lips are all raw, but the coughing and sniffing are getting less, and I’m feeling better in general. Hope I’ll be fine soon enough.

* Yesterday one of the colleagues at school, who saw me walking in, said that my belly started to show. It helps when you’re fat, of course, to keep it unnoticed a bit longer, but apparently it is expanding right now. Still can’t feel any movement though.

* Gonna have lunch with Faust tomorrow. Yay, finally !! I hardly see him these days, as he’s still very busy painting and such in his new house. Miss him…

* I love the sound of a roaring and crackling fire !! It was a bit chilly around the house, and most people would light the central heating, but I prefer the warmth of the wood. The warmth is definitely different, and the sounds and light effects are so much better. Mmmm… If only the dog weren’t so scared of the pops and snaps and small bangs the wood makes… Poor Catullus is shivering all over.

* Prunes are good… in so many ways.

* Wanted to give Ambyguity a call, but her phone line is still broken. Grrr !!! Then thought of finally giving Coyote a call, but he forgot to send me his number. Way to go, pal !!! Think I’ll see if Vasa is at home: I’ve always wondered what his voice would sound like, considering the tall handsome guy he is…

* Bart is the greatest 🙂

Symphony for nose, throat and Kleenex

Music: The Blue Danube

Snif snif kof kof koffff
Tchoo tchoo
Tchoo tchoo

Kof kof snif snif sniffff
Pwééé pwééé
Pwééé pwééé

Snif snif snif snif snifff
Kof kof uche uch

Snif snif snif snif sniffffffffff
Kof kof kooooooooooooooooffff
Snif snif snif snif
Tchoooo pwéé pwéééééééééééééééééééé

Just went out for dinner, and it was most lovely ! I didn’t have a big appetite, so we went to the Buddha Bar, a new place in the city. Very slick, very stylish, rather minimalistic, we loved it ! The food’s exotic (Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, …) and there is even a tapa bar on a conveyor. Not too expensive either: Bart had a main course, I had two starters (which were both excellent) and we both had a drink, for € 25. Yep yep, we’re gonna return there, that’s for sure.

I needed to wind down, cos in the afternoon things were quite a bit worse. I had to get my car checked by the government administration, to see whether it’s still safe to be on the road. As I pulled up there, and reached for my car documents, they were gone !!! I searched the whole car, no documents !! Grrr !! Couldn’t get it checked of course, and I drove to the police to file a complaint and such. The papers must have been stolen, they never leave the car, are always in the glove compartment. Took me quite a while, so I was in the coffee lounge only at 6.30, instead of the usual 5. Of course for this once a friend had decided to come by, and was waiting there for me. Grrr !!!

Oh well. At least the car hasn’t been damaged, and I have a replacement paper for now for everything that is gone. And the food was delicious. Happy girl again.


Just put up a helluva fight with my dog :-)) Now we’re both panting like hell, but man, it’s so nice to do it. Couldn’t do him a bigger favour, I guess. We use a rope that is tied in an eight, and he’s pulling while I pull the other way and try to push him off with my shoulder, much like playing rugby. He’s been nagging for that game for months, but I was always feeling too sick or tired.
Today I just couldn’t resist his big brown eyes 🙂

Got a present too today (I know my mind is reeling) from a colleague/friend: she bought me one of those little pregnancy bells that sooth the baby. It’s black with golden stars and moons on it, and it tingles ever so lightly. Can’t wear it yet though, since the students still don’t know I’m pregnant, and it’s not really showing either. I think, being not skinny (to say the least) that I can hide it for quite another time.

Yesterday was another weird day: Faust came over for lunch and enjoyed it a lot. He had to leave soon though, since he still has to paint a lot in his new house, and the weekends are the only time he can do it. Along with my electric drill he buzzed away on ‘Le petit Bleu’, his bright blue little moped. God, he’s so funny on it 🙂

In the late afternoon Bart had to fetch Dirk (his colleague/companion/business partner/best friend) and his wife from the airport, and they arrived here round 7.00. I think that after two weeks abroad I would be happy to be back home, but they stayed for a drink, and when I invited them for a meal (ordinary bread and spreads) they gladly accepted. Stayed till about 10.00, and it was really nice indeed. Made me real tired tho. Still not sleeping great, but hey… I’ll manage.

Gonna take something against that maledicted headache, change into my nightgown, and read a bit more. Cosy evening ahead indeed.

Had a quite ordinary day of teaching. After one class a girl came up to me, and asked me, very politely and a bit shy:
– Mistress, can I ask you something ?
– Sure, go ahead.
– Do you have a cat ?
That was not exactly a question I had expected.
– Err, I did, but it got run over by a car. Why ?
– Well, last year I had to give a speech in class, about witches…
At which point I started laughing and confirmed that all my cats so far have been black, that I knew that my nickname was Witch, and that I really didn’t mind about that. I did assure her though that I wasn’t. She pointed out that on behalf of my clothes, my amulet, my cat… Hehe 🙂

In the afternoon, after work, the sun was still shining gloriously, so I opened the big window door, turned my couch, and in my bra and undies I curled up in the sunshine with a book. I just felt like a big fat lazy cat, and I nearly started purring.

Just came home from the doc, and everything is still picco bello with the little one 🙂 We saw its face, liver, legs, spine, ribs… Was a tad too early to see its gender, but to us it’s still a girl.
It was even mimicing my movements, which made us all laugh: I was holding my hand behind my head, and it was doing the exact same thing. Was kinda funny 🙂

So yes, so far everything is going well. Go me 🙂

I’d better get my butt in gear after such a lazy morning of playing games, chatting to my mom on the phone, and generally doing nothing. Faust is coming for lunch, so I’d better get an idea of the ingredients I have in the house. Heh, feel like cooking even. Nothing special, mushroom soup, roast beef with asparagus and croquettes, and pear flan. That is if I can get hold of any pears :-p

Gonna shave Bart’s hair first. Woohoo, hair to play with !

Had a kind of an odd day today. Didn’t sleep well, but was of course fast asleep when the alarm went off. After a very skillful kill of the damned thing, I managed to get up. Urgh. 8.30u. So why so early on a saturday ? Well, our very dear carpenters were FINALLY coming in to work on on the office. Worked all day, installed the little podium thingy and a built-in cupboard. They’ll be coming back in a fortnight to continue.

Played a bit, goofed around a bit, finally got showered and went grocery shopping, and then Faust’s mom came along. She’s an amateur-photographer, and a pretty good one too, and she needed some pictures of a violin player, but in a rather romantic setting. I think the exhibition is called ‘All things bright and beautiful’. Anyway, I dressed up in a long flowing silk skirt, a top with bare shoulders, a long velvet coaty thing, a hat, and of course my violin and my cello. We wanted to take pics at this old ruined abbey, but apparently it was closed, grrr. We moved to an ancient beguinage instead, and took some lovely pics there. She was very pleased, also because it was a bright sunny day with quite a lot of wind, which made my skirt and my hair wave. I’ll post some when I get the digital version of them.

Came home, started cooking and correcting, and just had a very satisfying meal. Yep yep.

Tonight’s session was actually very nice, although it was only the three of us, Nihil being sick, and Randall and Bart didn’t show up. Pity.
Anyway, we tried to figure out some stuff, visited all the people we know in Cairo, traced all the leads, and are stuck now. Hmmm. Since the gamemaster is leaving for Australia tomorrow with his wife, for three weeks, we have a month’s time to think about our next step. Right now I really wouldn’t know.

Had lots of fun though, for a change :-p. Something to do with white pussies, the beautiful boobs of a camel and inflatable crocodiles. Just don’t ask.

Finally got me a new cell phone ! Got about time, since the other one has been flawed all summer and was hardy usable anymore. So feel free to call me again, peeps.

Didn’t do much today, apart from teaching before noon. Corrected quite a bit, played some, had a nice hot cocoa (since it’s cold and pouring outside, very autumny), cleaned up the piles of magazines in the toilet. Gonna take it easy for the rest of the evening, light the fireplace and such. With being pregnant, I think I grew calmer. Could be just an idea that I put in my mind tho, but I feel more at ease.

I like being back at work, but I’m definitely not gonna overdo myself. Doubted on Tuesday morning whether I was gonna go or not, since I didn’t feel great at all. Went anyway, glad I did, it worked out fine. I promised myself, Bart, and even most of the colleagues that I wouldn’t wear myself out, or take any risks. Hey, I’ve been known to be in front of my class with quite a fever and such. All the colleagues at school know I’m pregnant now, and man, they’re all so concerned and friendly all of a sudden ! Bloody hypocrits ! Even those who never thought me worthy of a glance, now are all over me and cooing and such. I really have to restrain myself from being rude to their faces, and tell them I don’t like their false behaviour. Oh well…

Still happy girl, I guess.