Know what I just found ? My frigging combat boots ! Been looking for them for like a year or so, and been nagging about them for about the same amount of time ! Thought they were stolen, have played like three LARPS without them since.

I just went to our bedroom to fetch some comics, and I wonder what the plastic bag in one of the (yet) empty compartments is, since I just noticed the surplus books in another compartment. Thought they were in said bag. So I open the bag: my combats ! Yay !!!! Finally !! The cleaning lady put them there, since there was space anyway, and that way she could clean the floors more easily. Grr.

Anyway, me happy for having them back !

Feeling quite accomplished today anyway:
– slept quite long (8.30)
– got myself and Wolf ready, had breakfast
– finished compiling another exam
– found a nice rug (“No ! Really ??? You should have told us about that !”)
– cooked
– finally got to copy the exams for tomorrow (machine had been broken for several days, much to my annoyance, irritation and frustration)
– set up the Chrismas tree
– got several other chores done, like hanging up a mirror, cleaning up papers…
– started compiling the Greek exam too (and hating it. “No ! Really ??? You…” “Yeah shut up already!”
– lost about a litre of fluids by sneezing, blowing my nose, sniffing and coughing.

Yep yep. Happy me (except for the cold “Well duh !” )

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