Had a barbecue last night. Yep, that’s right, a midwinter barbecue 🙂

We really needed a get-together with our LARP barbarian tribe to clear out some issues and resolve some problems. So we decided to make it a barbarbecue in the large garden of one of the guys, who often does medieval reenactment too. He had set up this big medieval tent for the guys to sleep in (I didn’t stay the night, getting too old for that, and I still wanted to be home with Wolf and Bart before noon as well) some big shelters to bbq under (two big sets, and an awful lot of bread and vegetables) and a large shelter above a wood fire, with a lot of benches and trunks around it to sit on. We all dressed up as our LARP characters, which is with a lot of fur and leather. No being cold at all ! The whole thing was in character, and I loved every second of it.

When we arrived, the others had already been sitting and drinking for like two hours and there was a very fine atmosphere. I didn’t think we’d manage to get a serious conversation going about the spirits and all the related issues, but after the food, we somehow got talking anyway, and we talked and discussed (with a plank: only who got the plank, got to speak) for like three hours.

It really made my day, and we finally felt like one big clan again. So happy we’re getting along once more 🙂

Happy me 🙂

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