New rug

Since Catullus found it amusing last week to gnaw on the rug, I had to buy a new one, and today I did.

Spent 155 euro on the big rug and a wee one for the dog to sleep on. When Wolf came home, he was overly enthusiastic about them, trotting and jumping on them… Decided to take a picture of it, as you can see.

Oh, and big note to self: READ THE FUCKING MANUAL before using a tool ! My Dyson vacuum thingy didn’t work properly anymore, kinda lost its suction, which the Dyson is famous for not to. Already checked the warranty but that one expired, so started reading the manual. Hmm. After 2.5 years, finally washed the big pre-motor filter which needs to be washed at least every six months. Dust came off in large chunks, and believe me, chunks of dust DO exist ! Anyway, I hope it will be okay now, cos I really love the Dyson.

Gonna continue compiling my exams. Ugh. Hate it. Thoroughly. With a vengeance.

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