My mom’s back from Peru, and she’s fine. Tired, but fine. She had to work an awful lot and she injured her leg quite badly, but it’s healing up just nicely.

She bought Wolf a very nice pullover with matching bonnet, gloves and socks, all very bright. I got this typical Peruvian hat, black filt, just the way I like it šŸ™‚ She just knows me too well.

And I already know what my gift from Bart is too: some really nice heating socks: you can fill up the sole with cherry pits that should be heated in the microwave. Guess he’s just sick and tired of always warming up my icy feet in bed :-p

Too bad there wasn’t enough time left today after grocery shopping to go and have coffee at Faust’s place. Would have been so nice. He already got his present a while ago: an authentic (or it looks that way anyway) flail I found in the second hand shop. Some other friends are very jealous of it.

On another note: Wolf is still ill. He had quite a high temperature again, being 39.6Ā° once more. Antibiotics aren’t properly kicking in yet. He was so tired, poor hon. He layed down his head on my chest, holding on to me, and making these soft little noises. God I love that little one dearly !

Now I have some packages to make, so I can send them out tomorrow.

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