On Wednesday, I played with Wolf, helped the cleaning lady move the large couch, cleaned windows, and went to spend more money šŸ™ on two more of those leather chairs. With the new table, I needed 8 of them. Ugh, two chairs did cost more than the table. But on the other hand, I really like them, they’re comfortable, and they’re meant to last at least 20 more years.

On Thursday, I dropped Wolf off at the daycare and left for Roubaix with my mom. It seems so far, because it’s in France, but hey, only 45 mins drive, actually. They have a splendid museum there, located in an old art nouveau swimming pool. I was really impressed.
When we started out, it was raining cats and dogs, and we were both really pissed off because of that. But as we progressed, the sun even came out, and we had our lunch on the Roubaix town square, on a terrace in the sun. Just as we had entered the museum, it started pouring again, but when we wanted to visit the cemetary (yes, my mom’s into old cemetaries too, lucky me) the sun was present once more. We were really lucky. We ended our trip in Doornik, had a coffee on the square, and I did finally take a picture of one of the most hilarious Latin inscriptions I ever found. Really want to use it in class.

Came home by seven, quickly stuffed my mouth, showed some stuff to my mom, gave Wolf and Bart a big cuddle, and off I was again, bringing my cleaning lady her birthday present. She’s a political refugee from Chechnia, and lives here in a tiny apartment with three of her twentysomething sons. The eldest is still there, and her 15year old daughter too. They both live with her mother, as she couldn’t get a visum for them yet. Anyway, she wanted a folding bed so one of the sons could sleep in the living room instead of all of them in the same bedroom. 48 euro was too expensive for her, though, so Bart and I bought it for her, as a present. She really is the sweetest woman I know, and like a grandmother to Wolf.

Anyway, I didn’t even get in, just dropped the present off, since I didn’t want to be late for Cthulhu roleplay. Alas, some of the others were way late, so I shouldn’t have had to hurry at all. Was a very weird session anyway, since it was randallsilvers birthday and he already had a little too much to drink, as some of the others. Good fun was had, but it’s no real roleplay this way. Sometimes I wonder if we’d better just meet at a pub or so… We stopped a bit early as well because of that, but I didn’t mind, because I went to bed early that way.

On Friday I dropped Wolf off again at the daycare, last time this month since they’re on holidays now, read the paper, did some housework, and left for a colleague/friend. She had made a delicious lunch, I had a delightful chat with her parents, and off we were for an afternoon of sauna pleasure. Yeah right. The sauna we intended to go to was closed, in spite of the opening times mentioned on the website and the sign at the door. Bummer. The other one, rather near, only opened at 5 PM, but I had to collect Wolf at 5.30, so no go either. And all the others in Ghent are way more expensive. So we headed back home and played Colonists of Catan for two players. Quite different from the actual game, but at least as fun.

Got home, fetched Wolf, fed both of my men, and cuddled and played a lot. I hadn’t actually seen them since Wednesday, so it felt good. Was too tired to leave at 11 PM for randallsilvers birthday drink, although I did feel like it. Was in bed by 11.

This morning I slept long, did a lot of chores, cleaned up the garage, cooked, and then my parents arrived to install the big swing they got Wolf for his birthday. Took us quite some time (had to be four of us), but when he eventually sat down and we swung the little chair, his face was golden šŸ™‚ Pictures are on his site, btw, www.wolfdewaele.be.

Never made it to a shop I intended to go to, but hey, one can’t do all.

Actually loving my life, but can someone please pull the brakes a little ?

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