Long story from over the weekend, and last week.

Spent nearly a 1000 euro, ouch (over 1000 $)… 600 on the table and the two chairs, but I’m really happy with them, so they’re worth every penny. I had bought some offwhite fabric a while ago to make a new tablecloth, but with the new table, that wouldn’t work anymore. I decided to make some …

Ugh. Failure of English vocabulary. Hmm.

Long pieces of cloth, about 50 cm wide, that are draped over the table as well, leaving most of the surface to show (tafellopers dus). Three for the big one, two for the little table in the living room. Which will, incidentally, be replaced by an exact copy of the new dining table. To cut a long story short there: the small one was maimed, under guarantee, but no longer in production, so I have to choose a new one for the same price. Luckily they make the dining table in a smaller format too. Anyway, the new pieces of fabric look really nice on the tables. Yay for my sewing machine !

Then I spent 200 euro on glasses. Hmm. One of the glasses in my glasses (yay for English language) was chipped and had to be replaced. Which made me ponder the following thought: I’m blind as a bat without my glasses, and with a toddler around, something far worse than a chipped glass is due to happen any day. So I ordered a new pair of glasses as a back up. Nice little thing, and with tiny specs, so they can recut the old specs to fit into the spare pair. Did take quite a lump out of my budget nevertheless.

And then, on Saturday, my eldest brother got married. Well, the legal part anyway. The church wedding, with the white bridal dress, the reception, the gifts and the big party is due on November 12. I was a witness nonetheless, and wanted to look my best. It poured all bloody day though, and was really cold too, for a day in August. I had this green (yes, folks, green!) Chinese top, with a very special pair of black pants. Went to the hairdresser at 2 PM (wedding wasn’t untill 5.30 PM) and decided afterwards that the green top looked a bit plain without anything to go with it, besides being a little chilly. So I went into town and passed by my favourite boutique. And yes, she had the perfect green shawl to go with it. Have been complimented on it all evening :-p 25 euro though. Hmm.
And then I saw this really beautiful long black skirt, heavy linen, special cut. Fell in love with it right away, decided to buy it for the actual wedding. Haven’t got a matching top yet that I like, but still plenty of time. Another 100 euro though.

The wedding itself was really nice. Small ceremony in the town hall, with champagne afterwards, and then off to this really fine restaurant, the Nenuphar in Afsnee. A delicious meal, a great time was had by all. My brother positively beamed. Glad he got finally married though: he’s 35. I sure hope the marriage will last, cause I still have my doubts about that, as does my mom, dad, husband and brother. Oh well, it’s his choice. At least he’s happy for the time being.

Today the weather is nice again, but sure to rain once more tomorrow. Half of Europe is flooded by now. So glad I took advantage of the one real nice day on Thursday, and went to the Blaarmeersen with my mom, Vallery and Wolf. He played in the water for hours on end, loved every second of it, and was positively exhausted afterwards. I so enjoyed that day !

He’s sleeping now. Gonna read a little šŸ™‚

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