Bart and I just went to buy this big sand pit for Wolf, and already installed it too. The little guy’s sleeping now, but I bet he’ll be overly excited when he gets to play. I know I used to adore playing in the sand.

I still have to thank zomermaantje an awful lot for babysitting on Wednesday evening. I had a most delightful evening, sitting outside on a little square in Antwerp with friends from LARP, talking it over, enjoying the lovely weather (it still being 21° at midnight (70° F)). The only downside was that the guy I have a crush on (and have had one for over 5 years now, a recurring crush that lasts like two weeks every time I see him, that being twice a year) couldn’t make it due to a swollen ankle. Grrr. Still had a lovely evening. Thank you, sweety !

On another note: the bed really is nice. And yes, we use it for sleeping ! Bart and I have been a couple for over 12 years now, so the passion has subsided mostly, I must admit. Heh, we should have bought a new bed way early: my back didn’t hurt the past two mornings. Not that it hurt that much before, but every morning I was aware that I had a back, and that’s something you shouldn’t be thinking about when waking.

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