Three weeks ago, I put my turtles outside in the little pond they live in during the summer. Hasn’t been any good weather since, but not that cold either. Hardly ever saw them though. Once I panicked, but they were both on the bottom of the pond, sleeping (due to the cold).

Didn’t really worry since. I better had. Because today I saw the smallest of them floating in the water, dead šŸ™ I ran out, panicking, but he must have been dead for a couple of days now. So I began to search for the big one. She’s nowhere to be found: not in the water, not in the little garden surrounding it. Yet she couldn’t have escaped, not to my knowledge. Really worried now… Yet I’m fearing the worst: I really don’t have a good feeling about it. I do hope she turns up though.

I’ve had these like 8 years now or so. They’re not exactly sociable, but hey, they’re my pets. Sigh. Not gonna replace them though.

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