Pretty intense week, I had. LOL this sounds like Yoda :-p But indeed, last wednesday Bart and I went to the movies and finally watched Star Wars. I liked it, and I even liked Hayden Christensen. Ok, some scenes were a little over the top, and the ‘Noooooo’ was downright ridiculous, but that’s the script, and not the actor.

On Thursday we had our biweekly Nephilim session, and I had the chance to admire petjorin’s new home, with the wild garden and everything. The house sure has potential…

On Friday [Bad username: kimmekepunk"] took me to a folk play, in the Gent dialect. Wasn’t too good, alas. I didn’t like the script, and I didn’t like the actors. The woman is usually a pretty good actress, but her Gentish really sucked. Even I can do better than that !

Grr Bart just passed by and told me one of the glasses of my… errr glasses is chipped ! I didn’t notice yet, but indeed, it is. Blah ! Another expense…

On Saturday I went to _leetah_’s birthday party. I didn’t know the location, but quite liked it. Met a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a long time, although there wasn’t as big a crowd as I had expected. Had a lot of fun dancing, as the two DJs were both wackos. I don’t think I ever danced on ‘Star Trekking’ before :-p Was headbanging at some point too, thus giving me an aching neck the day after. Leetah seemed genuinely happy with my little gift too, and I don’t mean the diaper, wimmekepunk !

Sunday was a lazy day, and on Monday we invited my brother and his girl over for a barbecue. Bart and I were virtually barbecue virgins: I just bought one a couple of days ago. I did like it though: the meat was excellent, and apparently my bro is a good cook when it comes to roasting meat on an outside heating device.

Tuesday was another lazy day, although I had intended to go into town for the sales. I did feel nauseous in the afternoon, and it didn’t seem wise to take a ride on the motorbike feeling that way. So I stayed on the couch, read a little, watched some telly, generally did nothing. Go me. I think the hormones are getting to me. Ugh. I’m getting fed up with them. Have a belly ache, and do feel…. blergh. Luckily Faust did come over this afternoon for a nice cup of coffee and a chat. He went to Berlin last week, and brought his memory card full of pics. I liked it šŸ™‚

So yes, my life has been overly exciting. How’s you ?

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