Wolfs verjaardag

I seriously wish my life would slow down a bit. I feel like I don’t even have the time to breathe properly. I’m always in a hurry, always rushing.

Last sunday was a blast: Wolf’s birthday party, with close family, good friends and 7 children in total between 5 and 1 (Wolf being 1) years old. Lots of cake left, but that was to be expected. I liked it a lot though, even though I was really tired in the end.
He got a lot of gorgeous gifts:
– a very beautiful plush horse from our cleaning lady Shura
– his first pair of shoes, Kickers, from Bart’s parents
– a brightly coloured toy-on-a-stick, a turtle with revolving shield, to walk with (Nathalie and Koen)
– a kind of “television” toy: moving Nijntje images with a little music (Sepp and Sofie)
– a poster with a wolf from my parents
– soft leather slippers from my youngest bro and his gf
– a big plush Winnie the Pooh seat from Bart’s bro and his gf
– a set of stone dishes with blue dragons on it, and a shirt and pair of trousers (Gwen and Erik)
– a bed pillow and a Tigger sponge (Dirk and Ilse)

He was very excited by all the people, all the cakes, all the children and all the attention he got.

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