Today didn’t start as the best of days, to be honest. Plan was that Bart would feed and dress Wolf, and take him to the daycare, so I could have a long lie. Seemed that the cat accidentally had been locked inside the house with no access to his litter box, so he used the cardboard box for old paper in my office instead. The whole house reeked of cat piss, ugh ! So he woke me to ask me to clean that up, because otherwise the smell would only get more pungent by the minute. Ugh. Great reason to get up, you know. Finally the office was clean, the air had been refreshed, and I had taken a shower. No use for me to crawl back under the covers – though the thought itself seemed inviting – so I took breakfast, read the paper and started painting.

Yesterday was definitely a day of ups and downs and subsequently a bad mood. It did start with a restless night for Wolf, and thus for me too. When the alarm went off at 7, it seemed wayyyy earlier, ugh. Finally I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower, while Bart, the sweet, was giving Wolf his bath, and clothed him. I had planned on having some breakfast before I had to leave, but I just didn’t seem to be able to wake up properly, so that time passed too. I dropped Wolf off at the daycare, but noticed his car seat seemed wet. It was pouring at that time, so the rain seemed a plausible cause, and I didn’t feel anything at his bum. Yet, when I had undressed him and handed him to the care lady, I noticed his pants were truly wet: he hadn’t pooped in his diaper that night or morning, so decided to do so whilst in the car. The poor diaper couldn’t contain all that much and overflowed. Great. Instead of continuing to the eye doctor, I had to return to fetch him fresh clothes, which made me terribly hasty and a few minutes late at my appointment. Luckily, the ophtalmologist didn’t mind. My eyes were checked, and the glaucoma didn’t get any worse, but my sight has decreased a bit once more. Hmm. No change of glasses yet, maybe next time.
I then went shopping and bought shoes for Wolf – his very first – and for Bart, a nice necklace and matching bracelet for myself, anti-slip socks for Wolf, some candy for his birthday party on Sunday, and some other nicnacs.
Then I stopped by the bank to transfer some money my gran had in store for me as a surprise. She had put 1000 euro for each of her 14 grandchildren on a secret account in our names, but due to a recent law-change, we had to give them a copy of our ID’s, so it couldn’t stay a secret any longer. Too bad, was supposed to be a gift for when she died. In any case, I did transfer 1052 euro into my account 🙂
I then stopped by my parents to chat with my mom, and she checked out my teeth, noticed a hole, and promptly took care of that one. I now have an extra filling, and with no pain at all. Thanks mom 🙂
Returned home, had lunch with my sweet in a restaurant, did some household chores, went to see a house with my mom (my bro is looking to buy sth), did some more painting, collected Wolf, and went to the shops with him. Alas, he was pretty annoying, so my mood dropped again. Was very tired when later on I arrived at the Cthulhu session, but had a very good evening 🙂 Thanks guys 🙂

So far for my boring, uneventful life.

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