Oh my god ! This was a fucking hilarious session ! One of the best we played so far, I think. Last time we were sucked up by a ghost train, and now we needed to get off, whilst being attacked by 10 zombies. Our dice rolls were awful, as usual, so one of the zombies managed to play tonsil tennis with Richter, the character of Xavier who, alas, couldn’t be there. As a result, he turned into a zombie as well, and is lost to our party. Sorry Nihil, seems like you have to create a new character. Maybe one of my lady friends ? *grin*
Anyway, we did an awful lot of fighting, a lot of friendly fire (what’s in a name ?) which almost killed our bodyguard, and finally managed to get off that damned train, just before it crashed into another one.
At one point, we laughed soooo hard that my jaw got into a cramp, which made us all laugh even more. Apparently I did flutter with my right hand while holding my jaw with the other, and that made the others simply roar with laughter. I had to flee to the loo, because I nearly wet myself laughing. I don’t remember what exactly caused this outburst of laughter, but it might have been the zombie tongues stuck in Richter’s mouth, or the idiotic pun over the ‘botten’ we found in a train compartment, which could both be ‘bones’ and ‘boots’, and turned out to be both. My belly is hurting, my jaw is still partially locked and my cheeks are flushed, but man, this was relaxing !

Nothing like a good horror roleplay session to laugh your head off :-p

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