Had a most pleasant day today 🙂

Taught in the morning, then went grocery shopping and stopped by the second-hand/recycling store. Most of what they have is junk, but sometimes you can find a little gem there. That is what I found today: a genuine flail ! The wooden 40 cm long handle was cracked, but still good. The chain, about 30 cm long, was a bit rusty but solid, and the ball itself was rusty too, about 8 cm diameter, heavy iron with spikes ! Can you imagine ? I paid 15 euro for it (approx. 20 $) and gave it to Faust as a present.

At noon I went for dinner with Bart, and after that I met up with Faust in town. It’s a cold but bright day today, so excellent for walking around 🙂 We did some shopping, found a great coat for him, bought children’s plates and cutlery for a friend, had coffee, snooped around in a gothic shop, had ‘poffertjes’ (something between crepes and donuts) which were very ungothic due to the icing sugar that left white traces on our clothes :-p and generally had a really good time both. He gave me this little jade turtle as a present too 🙂 just because. I really really like the guy.

Bart’s out for the evening: he went to play Magic, just for old sake, and I’m glad he did. Not that I don’t like him around the house, on the contrary, but he just doesn’t get out lately, so I’m glad he finally did.

Will be a busy weekend: lots and lots of correction. Ugh.

Oh, and there’s a perfect half moon outside, like it’s been cleaved in twain. Beautiful.

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