Went larping last weekend, and had a blast ! Had an awful lot of fun with my tribe of barbarians, got almost killed a couple of times, and forgot all my worries of the real world. Heh. Felt good :-))

Had to miss out on the birthday party of a very good friend though, and if it hadn’t been for endimi and randallsilver, Bart would have had to stay home too. Luckily they were ever so kind to come over and babysit that evening, and as they even stayed the night, Bart could stay out a bit longer without having to worry about the little one. Thanks ever so much, guys !

Today Bart’s parents came over to babysit: originally Bart had to go teaching today and I had a job application, but both got cancelled. They came over anyway, so Bart could work undisturbedly, they brought very yummy food with them so I didn’t have to cook when I came home at noon, and last but not least, his mom and I went to buy a car seat for Wolf and a new diaper cushion. She payed for all of it, being nearly € 250, as an early ‘Sinterklaas’ present for Wolf. Yay !

Wolf is being a little sweetheart too: he babbles all the time, plays with his toys like a good boy, and is generally being enthusiastic about nearly everything.

Me happy 🙂

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