Spent a most pleasant afternoon 🙂 Taught untill 1 PM, then left to meet up with Faust for lunch in this little Italian restaurant, had to wait for half an hour for my mom and gran to arrive there too (poor Faust, three generations of women of my family) and then we sat outside on the little terrace (she hadn’t planned on setting up the terrace, but since we nearly begged for it, she did it anyway :-)) and had our lunch in the sun. I treated everyone on dessert, which was gladly accepted, and then we parted our ways. Did some grocery shopping, passed by a good friend to talk a little and have coffee, and then went to collect my little treasure. PLayed a bit with him, fed him, changed him into his nighties, and put him to bed. So now I have some time all for myself (Bart is still out for coffee, his Friday ritual) and I must say I don’t mind.

Kinda hungry now. Must restrain from munching cookies, might take a sandwich already. Later on, Idol 2004 to watch, fun ! I did buy some Pringles to go with that, hehe, mindless entertainment. After that I will most probably fall asleep, pretty tired here.

*hugs all*

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