God what an awful day, and I get the feeling that the day is not yet over…
(WARNING: contains long nagging rant)

Last night Wolf woke me up quite a few times, thus leaving me really tired in the morning. I fed him, and then woke Bart, so he could take him. No go there: he was ill. Great. So I got up and played with Wolf, and then we took a bath together. Fun, but tiring. He played in his box a little, just enough to let me clean up the mess from the evening before and empty the dishwasher. Since he started demanding attention, I decided to go grocery shopping with him. Didn’t hurry, didn’t mind there was an awful crowd at 10.30h in the morning on a Saturday. I got his picture taken there, since I had a coupon for a free picture. Too bad his eyes were a little red from crying and being tired (he didn’t want to sleep) and he has mosquito bites on his face. Came home, hurriedly made his lunch (red beets with rice and beef) while he was in his chair crying. Fed him, and then Bart came down, feeling all faint and queasy. Started on lunch, but Bart wasn’t hungry, so I decided to leave that one till tonight and have something else instead. Luckily I brought two danish (Diksmuidse boterkoeken, dropen van de honing, yum) to go with the coffee, so we could have one of these each and have some bread or yoghurt or so.
When I finished feeding sprog, hanging up the laundry and cleaning the mess in the kitchen, I managed to get Wolf to sleep for like half an hour. Just the perfect moment to have my danish I’d been looking forward to, have a coffee and read the paper. Too bad Bart, ill as he was, thought I had had lunch already (like, when ???) and ate both pastries. No lunch here. Had a quick little waffle while folding up clean laundry and setting up stuff for the new cat. Since Wolf had started crying again after playing a bit more, I took him out in his buggy, so he wouldn’t bother Bart too much who had installed himself on the couch. Went to return a DVD Bart forgot to return, payed the fine, passed by the Oxfam store and got me a necklace, rice, two bracelets for my little cousins, and two cups, came home, fed Wolf his baby yoghurt, tried to make him sleep some more. No go, so no working in the garden for me in this beautiful weather. Played with him a bit, eventually put him in his bed where he kept crying for half an hour, cos I really needed a break. After that, I fed him upstairs in our bed, since Bart was sleeping on the couch. Wolf enjoyed the milk and was quite a happy little bugger after that, so we played, I made him laugh and laugh and laugh… till he choked on something, started coughing, and, while laying flat on his back, sprouted out a fountain of milk, yoghurt and beets. Looked like strawberry milkshake, smelled quite differently. It was all over his face, in his eyes, over the bed, on his clothes… So I sighed, picked him up and gave him another bath. Luckily now he sleeps. Changed the bed, put all the pink stuff in the washer already. Now need to take inside the laundry (hope it’s dry), feed the dog, fold more clothes, finish preparing that quiche I was making for lunch, ease that cat who hides under the guest bed, forget about the garden, try to make Bart feel better…

Maybe tonight I’ll start reading my paper. Yay.

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