Had a most pleasant day today. The weather outside is downright glorious: bright blue sky, bright sun (but not the real hot middle-of-summer sun), gentle breeze, 26° Celcius… I taught some classes this morning, and I really enjoy being back at school. I started to feel numb at home, and no matter how much I love taking care of Wolf, I really need more than that. I missed the social contact, I missed teaching, I missed making a difference to a bunch of people, I missed feeling useful, and – no point denying – I missed the money.

It felt great to come home at noon too though. Bart was trying to feed Wolf, but the little one was struggling and crying. Until he saw me: I took over, he calmed down immediately, and ate all of his veggies. Good boy 🙂 Then we both sat outside in the shade: he was sitting on this playing blanket with a lot of toys, and I sat on a cushion, correcting stuff. It was so nice… At 6 PM Bart joined us and we went for a little walk along the canal with the dog. Weather was gorgeous 🙂
Wolf hardly slept today though, so after I had fed him, I put him to bed, and he didn’t even protest, he fell asleep right away.

Sweet little one 🙂

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