I am home all alone for the first time in 7 months, and I just LURRRRRRRRRRVE it !!

Gonna take an ice tea, the paper, and gonna sit outside in the sun and enjoy having no one around.

Wow. Feels good.


There was no ice tea in the fridge and I couldn’t find the paper (Bart had taken it upstairs into his office, he has never done that before, and since he wasn’t home, I couldn’t ask), but still I enjoyed my precious little bit of freedom…

Yet I was very happy to see my little sprog again. He did very well at the day care šŸ™‚

It’s strange… People kept telling me about maternal feelings, yet I could never even begin to conceive how much I’d love that little helpless creature. It’s a totally different love than the one I feel for Bart. Oddly enough our love has deepened a lot too, something I didn’t deem possible either.

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