Went on a small shopping spree, “therapeutic retail shopping”, as glod calls it. Yesterday evening I kinda broke down, since Bart is very busy and doesn’t have time to take care of the baby at all. Wolf was crying again and I couldn’t take it anymore. This morning, even though he actually couldn’t spare much time, Bart came to me and said that I could spend the morning (ie. two hours) to do the shopping I needed to do. So I went grocery shopping, but also went to a clothes store. I didn’t really need clothes, yet I bought something new for Wolf’s baptism on Sunday. No, it wasn’t black – ick, surprise ! – but a red linen pair of 7/8 pants and an egg white top to go with it. Also bought two black tank tops, a black pair of 2/3 trousers for Bart and a matching T-shirt and shorts for Wolf. Paid a grand total of € 54 (approx. $ 60), hehe 🙂
Also had some ‘fidelity’ coupons at Delhaize, so I brought back this cute outside kids’ pool, with this big whale tail on it (it’s more than a meter high !) and, if you attach the hose, a fountain. Should be fun this summer when Wolf is able to sit and play. Me happy girl again, even though I’m doing all kinds of chores around the house that take up your whole day, but don’t leave the impression that you did anything at all. Ugh.

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