Went to this weird event last night: a party in a highway tunnel 🙂

They upgraded a main road to a highway, and turned a crossroads into a decent intersection. This week was the grand opening of the intersection, so they turned the so far practically unused tunnel into this big party area. We had a big reception with a pleiad of small munchkies like scampi, goat cheese wrapped in bacon, etc etc. Then there was a walking dinner, and then this concert by a famous cover group. It was… unusual, but since tunnels are hardly designed to have great acoustics, we left at 23.00u cos of the noise.

All in all a special night, moreso since it was our first night out together without the baby. My brother and his gf came to babysit, and they enjoyed it, they said. Wolf did cry quite a bit though, but that is mostly due to his teething, I think.

My eldest brother just popped in too, with an orange T-shirt, flashy sunglasses and this big black curly wig: ready to go to the city parade 🙂 Last year there were 100.000 people, now they expect 350.000 cos Berlin doesn’t have a city parade anymore, and this is the last major one in Europe. I can hear the beats up here even 🙂

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