My little Wolf is such a sweety ! Yes, he can be obnoxious at times, but most of the time he’s a happy baby, looking at the world around him, sleeping snugly in his crib, laughing at his mom… I know my world is pretty one-sided at the moment, but actually I don’t care that much. I still see a lot of friends, I do play roleplay every Thursday, I still have a social life.
Last Monday I went to this fancy restaurant with Faust, for his birthday. We had a real nice time šŸ™‚ and Bart took care of the little one. Yesterday Faust and another friend from Antwerp, who I hadn’t seen in a long time, came over, and we sat outside in the garden sipping white wine and chatting and laughing our heads off. Tonight promises to be a beautiful warm evening too, but most of my friends have other things to do than to enjoy the garden and the wine and the company. Too bad šŸ™
Thursday = roleplay, Friday I’m going for dinner (again) with kimmekepunk and another friend from back when we were in highschool, and on Sunday the little one is going to be baptised at 11.30u. After the ceremony we’re gonna have champagne here at our house for all who attended, and then we’re going for elaborate lunch with the family. Will be nice too.

I’m really enjoying the weather at the moment, even though it would be nice if it was a little less warm, and I love to see my turtles sitting outside in the sun at the brim of their new little pond.

Happy, contented girl here, as usual šŸ™‚

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