Bart just added some video to the Wolf site. Of course we’re talking Dutch, but still… My dad resorted to Latin too, and I love it šŸ™‚

Still so easily tired these days, but I presume that’s normal, as I only gave birth a couple of days ago. The only things I did today was feed the baby, give him a fresh diaper, give him a bath, take a bath myself, and sleep. Feeding takes up a lot of energy, that’s true, but it’s fulfilling too. Finally those damned balloons have a purpose :-p

Bart seemed to have lost a couple of pics I took. Hope he can find them, they’re from my gran (aged 92) with the little one. Can you imagine ? She offered me help if I needed any, she would gladly drive up to my house to cook me soup, she said. I laughingly declined, saying that my mom and Bart’s mom would give me any help I need, along with some good friends, that I didn’t need my 92 year old gran to help… She’s truly amazing šŸ™‚

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