Wolf’s sleeping quietly now, as usual. He’s such a sweet kid: cries every four hours when he wants to be fed, and once in between when he has soiled his pampers. When he’s awake, he’s just looking around with those big blue eyes of his, playing with his fingers…

Bart just left, and neither him or me liked it šŸ™ Alas, his brother and my eldest brother, who are the godfathers, are so proud that they’re giving a drink tonight in Wolf’s honour, and Bart of course had to be there. Koen promised to bring him home by midnight though. Bart would much rather have stayed home with us. It’s our first night home again, and I missed my husband. Will feel so good to be sleeping in my own bed again, in the arms of my sweet, with my darling in a little bed next to me. Hope he doesn’t wake us too often.

I’ll tell more of the birth and the past days tomorrow or so. Gonna eat something first, not really hungry, but I owe it to the kid. See ? Had such good habits in the hospital, but already neglecting them here. I need to drink tons, and eat well and take lots of vitamins, and I did none so far (it’s 9.30 pm). Bad mother. If I don’t, I won’t produce enough valid milk to feed the sprog, and right now he’s the one purpose in my life.

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