Really shaken here, been crying even.

Just got an email from a friend with whom I play LARP. His wife was pregnant, estimated date being May 21. She gave birth this morning, at 28 weeks instead of 40, to a little girl named Kaat, barely 1.100 kilo. Mother is kept under narcosis (pregnancy poisoning, bad case) till tomorrow but seems stable, little one is doing ok, as far as that is possible. Next few days will be crucial for her. I hope, oh god I hope that both will be allright. The baby might not survive, or have severe shortcomings when growing up.
He even included a picture of the baby, and my heart bled. It’s so tiny, so helpless, so… incomplete !

Still shocked here, and feeling very sympathetic. Makes me want to take Wolf out of his crib and hold him tightly…

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