Small update

Nothing much has happened here. However…

Went to my favourite LARP last weekend. Yep, being 7 months pregnant and all. They all took very good care of me, and I enjoyed myself beyound belief. Stayed indoors most of the time, but also wandered around outside around the lake (promised not to go into the woods by night) from one inn to the other, helping people, stitching their bodies back together, healing, repairing their leather clothes, doing general shaman stuff. My barbarian tribe was really considerate too, and the magic is back šŸ™‚ Yep, had a very good and relaxing weekend šŸ™‚

Finished the base coat painting in the baby room, gonna start on the drawings today, and have to do the books for Netlash too. Yay.

On Christmas Eve Bart and I went to my parents, just the four of us, we had pancakes and played Trivial Pursuit. Was fun. Nothing more, nothing less. Got a nice pen I asked for from my mom. We’re not much of the gift giving kind, it’s the only present I got.

Yesterday we went to this formal annual lunch at Bart’s aunt, where sometimes with 15 grown ups in the room it gets silent, even though there is no food being served at that moment. We left as soon as we could, around 5 in the afternoon, and went to my mom’s family, a gathering of 35 people at my uncle’s. Was nice, even though we didn’t feel the urge to eat anymore. Everyone was there, including my granma and granpa, and it was good to talk to everyone. Oh, right, I did get another present: my cousin’s wife, who has two small daughters and to whom I can talk very well about being pregnant and everything, got me this little book to write every significant moment of the baby in, and a baby bonnet. Cute !!!

Bart didn’t get anything, apart from a big plant for me for his office, which he had been wanting a long time.

All in all, we survived the first part of the holidays pretty well.

So, in case you didn’t know yet: merry Christmas to everyone :-p

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