Cthulhu session just ended, and man, laughing like this just can’t be healthy !!!
We met Nyarlathotep again, and yes, we all survived this time, but hardly unscathed ! All of us have/had mental disorders, and that combined with a lot of fumbles and bad dicerolls, and the typical Bartish remarks, led to a more than hilarious session ! I don’t think the baby agrees with this much laughing, my cheeks and belly were positively aching, while Steven was wiping away the tears from his face and randallsilver picked himself up from under his chair to go to the loo. Definitely not the style Lovecraft had in mind, but man, soooooo relaxing after two weeks of intense correction work, which drove me nuts.

Nearly all my stuff is packed for the larp this weekend too. Bart isn’t coming, alas, but yes, I’m going to play my barbarian shaman again, being 7 months pregnant. Yes, don’t worry, I promise to be careful and to sleep enough, and not to roam the woods in the dark.

Had a very relaxing evening yesterday too: a date with my beloved husband šŸ™‚ I made lasagne first (so yummy when you make it yourself) and then we retreated to the couch, with a lots of candles burning and the fireplace crackling, the dog at our feet, watching the extended version of The Two Towers šŸ™‚ A very good evening was had indeed, followed by a lot of dreamfights in stunning landscapes with the most gorgeous people and the most horrifying creatures.

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