New year’s eve

Quite a different one than the ones before: we had a dinner party at our home for 5 years in a row, and if no one had the decency to invite us back (not even the people who were here 3 times in a row), we decided to stay by ourselves, and have a good evening. And a good evening was had indeed !!!

We both worked on the company stuff till like 7 (lol yep, workaholics), then I prepared some food and set the table in the living room, not with the very fancy cutlery and stuff (cos that can’t go into the dishwasher), but with nice enough stuff and lots of candles šŸ™‚ We had rented a movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, thoughtless entertainment but fun nonetheless, so we started out with foie gras and toasted raisin bread in front of the telly. Next course took less than 5 minutes to prepare: pan fried scampi, flambĆ©d with pastis and put out with cream, with bread (also gobbled up in front of the telly), and then we had fondue at the table, which was very nice indeed too. Very cosy also. For dessert I had made a lytchee cream, 10 mins work, but delicious :-p

By that time I felt more like a whale than ever before :-ppp, since we were back on the couch for dessert, wearing pyamas and nightgowns, under a duvet…

But I must say: I hope next year will be as pleasant as last year, and I have three wishes for myself (apart from the obvious no sickness, no deaths, no disasters)
– having a great son
– having a lot of business for Netlash
– finally getting appointed at school

May you all be as lucky and happy in life as I have been so far, the world might be a better place…

Felicem annum novum tibi dico !!


On a last note: we might not have had a white Christmas, but man, do we have a white New Year !!!!

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