Triumphant grinning moment

While correcting, I usually listen to the radio, the national youth station Studio Brussel. All of a sudden I heard this appeal: the students of the Lyceum in Gent, who have philosophy exam tomorrow by Miss De Tollenaere, were asking the students of Mariakerke (where I teach) for the questions, since they have the same teacher.
Lieve De Tollenaere happens to be a good friend of mine, so I picked up the phone and told her about it. She laughed, and said Mariakerke has this exam only on monday, so no go. Besides, the questions were different. Her comment: ‘Shouldn’t they be studying instead of listening to the radio ?’
So I sent a short mail to the radio station, explaining this, and they quoted me on it, luckily not mentioning my name.

Heh, wanted to see the faces of those students as they heard the reaction of their teacher on the radio. *grin*

Don’t ever try to pull a prank on a teacher who’s correcting ! We’re a mean species, and especially now !

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