Got a present too today (I know my mind is reeling) from a colleague/friend: she bought me one of those little pregnancy bells that sooth the baby. It’s black with golden stars and moons on it, and it tingles ever so lightly. Can’t wear it yet though, since the students still don’t know I’m pregnant, and it’s not really showing either. I think, being not skinny (to say the least) that I can hide it for quite another time.

Yesterday was another weird day: Faust came over for lunch and enjoyed it a lot. He had to leave soon though, since he still has to paint a lot in his new house, and the weekends are the only time he can do it. Along with my electric drill he buzzed away on ‘Le petit Bleu’, his bright blue little moped. God, he’s so funny on it šŸ™‚

In the late afternoon Bart had to fetch Dirk (his colleague/companion/business partner/best friend) and his wife from the airport, and they arrived here round 7.00. I think that after two weeks abroad I would be happy to be back home, but they stayed for a drink, and when I invited them for a meal (ordinary bread and spreads) they gladly accepted. Stayed till about 10.00, and it was really nice indeed. Made me real tired tho. Still not sleeping great, but hey… I’ll manage.

Gonna take something against that maledicted headache, change into my nightgown, and read a bit more. Cosy evening ahead indeed.

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