Just went out for dinner, and it was most lovely ! I didn’t have a big appetite, so we went to the Buddha Bar, a new place in the city. Very slick, very stylish, rather minimalistic, we loved it ! The food’s exotic (Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, …) and there is even a tapa bar on a conveyor. Not too expensive either: Bart had a main course, I had two starters (which were both excellent) and we both had a drink, for € 25. Yep yep, we’re gonna return there, that’s for sure.

I needed to wind down, cos in the afternoon things were quite a bit worse. I had to get my car checked by the government administration, to see whether it’s still safe to be on the road. As I pulled up there, and reached for my car documents, they were gone !!! I searched the whole car, no documents !! Grrr !! Couldn’t get it checked of course, and I drove to the police to file a complaint and such. The papers must have been stolen, they never leave the car, are always in the glove compartment. Took me quite a while, so I was in the coffee lounge only at 6.30, instead of the usual 5. Of course for this once a friend had decided to come by, and was waiting there for me. Grrr !!!

Oh well. At least the car hasn’t been damaged, and I have a replacement paper for now for everything that is gone. And the food was delicious. Happy girl again.


Just put up a helluva fight with my dog :-)) Now we’re both panting like hell, but man, it’s so nice to do it. Couldn’t do him a bigger favour, I guess. We use a rope that is tied in an eight, and he’s pulling while I pull the other way and try to push him off with my shoulder, much like playing rugby. He’s been nagging for that game for months, but I was always feeling too sick or tired.
Today I just couldn’t resist his big brown eyes 🙂

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