Had a quite ordinary day of teaching. After one class a girl came up to me, and asked me, very politely and a bit shy:
– Mistress, can I ask you something ?
– Sure, go ahead.
– Do you have a cat ?
That was not exactly a question I had expected.
– Err, I did, but it got run over by a car. Why ?
– Well, last year I had to give a speech in class, about witches…
At which point I started laughing and confirmed that all my cats so far have been black, that I knew that my nickname was Witch, and that I really didn’t mind about that. I did assure her though that I wasn’t. She pointed out that on behalf of my clothes, my amulet, my cat… Hehe šŸ™‚

In the afternoon, after work, the sun was still shining gloriously, so I opened the big window door, turned my couch, and in my bra and undies I curled up in the sunshine with a book. I just felt like a big fat lazy cat, and I nearly started purring.

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