A short update from Scotland, the region where my love lives…
The trip didn’t start out too well tho: my hubbie drove me to the airport (I have the most loving and understanding and caring husband), but when I went thru the security, they noticed my ring on the scanner. It must be said, this ring is made of pewter, but is about 20 cm long and looks like the skull of a bird with a very long beak. Pretty sharp too, I guess you could stab people with it. I really love that ring, it was given to me by Faust and is so dear to me that it’s always in my purse, no matter where I go. I had it on me on several occasions where I took the plane, but now… The guy said he couldn’t allow it in the cabin it all, it was too dangerous. Err… I hesitated, all I could do was give my purse in as luggage as well. As I hesitated, the guy started to make a big deal out of it, took it and went to the police with it. These claimed it to be an illegal murder weapon and therefor confiscated it to be thrown away! There was nothing I could do, even when I started crying ! I just was devastated, and wanted to turn back…
All numb I got on the plane, and at the other end was Les, awaiting me with a single red rose… So sweet ! We just went home, had our tea, watched an episode of Kindred (as I wanted to see that for a long time) and, heh, went to sleep.
Friday we slept long, and finally took his dad’s car (his just broke down the day before I arrived) and went into Ayr for a long walk around the town and the coast line. Heh, and at night he took me for a fancy candlelight dinner :-)))))
Saturday: slept long, played some AC, waited for the garagist to call, walked up to the garage (a couple of miles further)and took a stroll around Troon. Heh, had fish and chips at a local chippy, and man, that fish is good ! Then his friends came over and we played Chtulhu all night long.
Today: Of course we slept long, and finally decided to drive into Glasgow. Picked up Iain, a friend, but Les started to feel bad, so pretty soon we had to leave again. Les is sleeping now, while I’m at the PC. His mom is cooking me dinner, heh, and then I have to get on the plane again :-((((
This visit was wayyyy too short !

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