I think I was just too happy to update this thing. Heh, as so many, I use this channel to write down all my misery, and that helps resolving it. But there is a happy note now, yay !
The stomach thing went pretty well, all in all, and the doc prescribed me some new pills, which would turn me into a new being, he promised. Sceptical tho I was, I must admit he was RIGHT !!!! Haven’t had a stomach ache ever since, even drank a glass of red wine without cringing ! Stupid stubborn me should have gone to see that doc ages ago…
For the rest, it was a pretty ordinary week. Worked, played a little PC, went for lunch with Faust, talked to Les a lot… Played a nice game of Cthulhu, heh.
Had been looking forward to go to an indoor festival on friday and saturday, had arranged to meet a lot of people there, was going to pick up Jurryt at home, but… Friday I skipped, cos the bands coming weren’t that good after all, and saturday morning I checked my bank account and made some necessary payments, and… I noticed I was kinda running short on money :-(. I went to Glasgow to see my love earlier this month, and I broke a lens, so I need to spend money on that and on a new pair of glasses (my eyes need resting a bit more, so no lenses all the time), and I’m going to Paris in two weeks, with a class of 16-year old pupils, all prepaid, but still you spend money there. :-(( So I had to cancel the concert: no Funker Vogt, no Deine Lakaien, no Goethes Erben… Oh well…
Bart and I watched a movie then last night, I read Tolkien (once more) and I did some nice work, so all in all I don’t feel too bad about it.

Heh, I think I just feel content these days. More than most people can say. I wish you luck, all !!

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