Rough week, this last one. On monday I accompanied our last graders to visit a glass factory and a splendid museum in France on the V1 and V2 bombs Germany made during WWII. Interesting, but very tiring. As an addition to that day, I had that visit to the gynaecologist. Can’t say that cheered me up, but at least I recovered by now. Tuesday I just went teaching, and slept. Slept half of the afternoon indeed. Wednesday I was the jury for an international Latin translation contest: spent all day correcting tests, yay… No, was kinda nice, esp. since I had done early and spent the rest of the afternoon at Faust’s, drinking coffee and discussing the weirdest things as usual. Man, that guy REALLY is my best friend ! Guess I just still love him. Thursday: teaching from 8 till 5, and then staff meeting for another two hours, argh ! Hurried home, swallowed some bread, drove off again to my first Nephilim table top session. If you haven’t tried it yet: give it a go ! It’s weird, but fun ! Friday: been teaching till noon, lunch with Faust and the usual coffee and talks after that, and then I went home to sleep a little, finally answer emails, read the papers from the last week… And got ready to get to Antwerp for the Vampire party this month, with a not really gothic friend. Party rocked !! Lots and lots of people, a bit too much techno-based music tho. I love electro, but no techno. At least I got to dance. AND I’ve been kissed by this beautiful girl, a remote friend of mine, who did get a tongue piercing last week. Man, she’s a goooooooood kisser! But I’m not sure: was that her or just the piercing that made me feel like that ? Heh, she had a bit too much to drink and kissed like 10 women that night, just for the feel of it. Left at 4, brought Katleen home, drove home, was there by 6. Heh, and just woke at 3 pm here. Need to leave again for the next dinner party in three hours. And tomorrow we’re going to Amsterdam, yay ! Randall, Stekske, Kai, Sammy and me. Hugius couldn’t make it, is moving this same weekend, pity tho. And on Valentine’s day I’m flying over to Glasgow to see my love for four days !!! Cant wait !!!! YAY !! Me happy happy !!

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