My god I spent an obscene amount of money last week :-s

Since I ripped my leather biker jacket last Monday (due to being so horribly old and worn), I decided it was time to finally get some new stuff.

– helmet € 125
– safety jacket, Goretex, black and sexy: € 250
– leather water proof biker gaunts: € 47


Bought a new pair of fancy shoes, actually to use for the wedding: € 72

Went shopping with my mom in Roubaix yesterday, decided to change my wedding outfit (need new shoes now):
– skirt (I already had that one: € 100)
– top, black: € 66
– long purple see-through vest thingy: € 106

– ordinary black top: € 10
– a couple of new bras (very cheap there, as opposed to the stores around here)
Three bras and one matching pair of knickers: € 59

Ugh. Damn. € 835 in total (about $ 1000). Will need to save up for a few months now.

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