Bezig dagje

My day didn’t start quite as well as it should have, but turned out to be quite fine after all.

Could sleep long (ie. 9.30) since Bart took care of Wolf this morning 🙂
Wanted to take a shower, but the water supply had been cut (kinda missed the announcement, d’oh !) so felt kinda grumpy, which wasn’t enhanced by the fact that the milk I poured over my breakfast cereal turned out to be sour. Ugh ! Dog liked it though.

Finally got dressed and did some paperwork for Netlash. Left for delicious lunch with Faust and his love Jurryt, had coffee and crême brulée there too 🙂 And since they were both so very enthusiastic about tiramisu, we went for groceries and I made them a large pot of tiramisu. Hope they enjoyed it.
A most enjoyable, very housewife-like and cosy afternoon was had, chatting merrily and laughing a lot. I REALLY need to see that guy more often, it’s so good for my mental health. Every woman should have her own gay, believe me !

Played tag with Bart once more, being that he left as soon as I got home with Wolf. Played with him, fed him, played some more, and put him to bed real early for him, being 19.45. Haven’t heard him since, so all’s well 🙂

Had a long (1.30 hours) phonecall with my former eloquence teacher, who is very ill, and finally finished the books for Netlash after that. Tired now, gonna take a shower and sleep.

And yes, still thinking a lot about the LARP, but it’s wearing off slowly. 🙂

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