Both Wolf and I are sick…

He started vomiting on Monday morning, and seems to be able to hold his liquids by now.
Monday night I slept 2 hours (in bits and pieces) and did laundry at 2 and 4 AM, since I only have so many bedsheets for him.
Last night he did vomit only twice: once at 7.30, half an hour before Bart and I had to leave for a formal dinner, so I had to shower and dress up again. Bart’s parents, who were babysitting, hadn’t heard him all evening. He woke up though as soon as we got home, and kept waking and crying every hour. He also puked all over his bedroom floor, so at 2 AM I was mopping his floor, changing his sheets, and all that. I got like 1 hour of sleep.

I did go to work though this morning. My kids were darlings, keeping quiet, being all nice, doing what they had to and being all sympathetic (one said I looked like shit though, no offence :-p ). Right now I’m feeling awful, even though Bart was so sweet to take over in the afternoon and let me sleep for over two hours šŸ™‚ I had some yoghurt, and that was about it, except for some cookies, stupid me. Feel like I need to vomit right now.
Wolf isn’t eating properly either, he didn’t even finish his milk bottle, but he seems to be getting a little better: no vomiting in the last 12 hours, and he even played a little.

Bart’s at a meeting, and I think I want a cautious hug.


And Randall: if I didn’t comment, it was because I felt like everything I could say was either redundant or would have sounded cynical to you.

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