Had a very nice Christmas eve and Christmas day šŸ™‚

On Xmas eve, my parents and Bart’s parents came for dinner: foie gras for hors d’oeuvre, gourmet for main course, chocolate fondue (fresh fruit you dip in molten dark chocolate) for dessert. Was yummy, and a very pleasant evening.

On Xmas day we were obliged to go to this formal dinner at one of Bart’s uncles. It’s an obligation, but not fun. The food isn’t great, the company even less. Luckily we had Wolf to entertain us, and Bart’s bro’s new girlfriend is much more livelier too than the former, so all in all it wasn’t dull at all.

Round 5 pm we managed to leave, and headed for one of my uncles, where all of my mom’s relatives were gathered, 37 people, for a much more enjoyable party. Wolf had the time of his life playing with the other kids, and by 8 we put him in bed in one of the upstairs rooms, where he slept untill at 10 we took him home. Was fun šŸ™‚

As a gift, I got Hot Socks from Bart (special socks with cherry pits on the bottom, so these can be heated up in the microwave and make your feet comfortably warm), and that’s it. Hey, it’s still more than what I got for my birthday :-p Guess we’re just not the present type of people. Although… I got Bart a PS2, more Hot Socks for Bart’s parents, a little cat statue for my mom (which she had chosen herself during summer but had forgotten completely) and a calendar (annual gift, he adores them), the ‘Zeurkalender’ for my dad. I also sent out three little packages oversees. Only the Scots one has arrived and been accepted gladly. Oh, and of course orchids for the hostesses of the day.

But, in any case: have a merry Christmas ! (I didn’t send out cards, I don’t believe in them)

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