Been two busy days šŸ™‚ Finally finished the hall and stairwell, only need to finish the curtains once they have hanged out a little, and hang up some pictures and paintings. Started on an extra set of storage shelves in the storage room next to the kitchen, but had to call it a day because the drill makes an awful lot of noise, and Wolf’s in bed by now. Feel like a brick dust monster :-p.

NYE was great too: spent it at my cousin and his wife, just the four of us, and three children sleeping soundly upstairs. She just felt like cooking (even though she’s 5 months pregnant) so she was in the kitchen nearly all day, preparing a lovely meal, classic but festive.
– some small appetizers to go with the cocktail
– broccoli soup
– Sint-Jacobsvruchten (got no clue what that is in English) with tomatoes and basilicum
– doe roast, with pumpkin mash, celery mash, chicory, mushrooms and a stuffed pear
– grilled pineapple with almond cream
– coffee with chocolats and petit-fours

We were all sooooooo stuffed…

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