And once again, had a most enjoyable day 🙂 This evening I looked up to Bart and said: “Aren’t we just lucky ?” I really think we are 🙂

Wolf let us sleep till 8.30 this morning, and was very nice all day, playing and laughing and crawling over and under most anything. He’s really such a sweet (sometimes) ! In the morning I did all kinds of stuff, like having breakfast, doing some laundry, writing some invoices, but all at a very nice and slow pace. Cooked and had lunch (leftovers from Friday evening), watched Bart play some Tekken, curled up on the couch with a good cup of espresso… Then I left for the city, to pick up the babyphone at my aunt’s place (forgot it last night) and went in search of curtain fabric for the freshly painted hall/stairwell. Found just the ideal colour and fabric, very very pleased with it. Then I popped in on Faust, quite unexpectedly, but very welcome nonetheless. We just chatted while he and Jurryt had pizza, and then they started producing gifts ! First, a belated birthday present, the Da Vinci Code 🙂 Next, a most cute stuffed frog for Wolf, and then, to my astonishment, yet another present ! A set of three beautiful Japanese style red boxes 🙂 They went on a shopping spree last week, and thought them all so fitting and nice to give, so here I am 🙂 Made me very happy and grateful, lol and gay, those two guys are so sweet…

Came home to a sleeping Wolfie, so we started watching the extended version of Return of the King. When he woke, we all had our tea, Bart and I played a little with the little one, put him to bed, and watched the rest of the movie, while being under a blankie, with a roaring fire, some foie gras with Hanepoot (some excellent sweet white wine) and some chocolate for dessert.

Can you imagine us being happy ?

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