Nice day today. Getting the stress of last couple of days out of my system.
– The dossiers for my job application have finally been handed in, right on time. Ugh. I REALLY hate it when my PC messes up at critical moments. I swear, I nearly had a heart attack on Tuesday. Right now, with XP reinstalled and WordPerfect running smoothly again, I’m slowly reinstalling all of my other programs again.
– Wolf has been sleeping all night for two days in a row now: he didn’t wake up for a late night feeding anymore, leaving us to our much beloved sleep. Yay.
– Had a good day: went teaching for three hours, left at 12.00 with some students of tenth grade to grab a bite at the MacDonalds in town (they invited me when they heard I was coming along to the movie in the afternoon with them), then watched Fahrenheit 9/11 with them (history class related). Afterwards I went into the nearby shopping mall, bought some really nice stuff for Wolf (grey pants and long sleeve T, exactly the style of his father), snooped around in some more shops, collected the Wolfmeister at the daycare, came home and made some urgent invoices, had bread and left for Cthulhu roleplay.
– managed to secure this big Troy display for my classroom. The guy at the record store will give me a ring when he’s getting rid of them. Will be a while though, as it got on display just now.
– finally have some large maps and a clock in my semi-own classroom. Like it a lot.
– feel like I’m finally unwinding a bit. Wonder how high my blood pressure got last week, actually.

Gonna sleep now. Will be a nice day tomorrow too, I hope. Gonna make it a lazy one, and maybe go into town to fetch me some much-needed trousers. Or I might sew some sheets for Wolf’s bed, in addition to the ones I bought today. Already got the fabric a couple of weeks ago.

Night all !
*hugs Glod and Amby and Randall and Kirruth and Coyote*


*hugs all* (don’t want to give anyone the feeling he/she is being left out)

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