Busy day

Seemed like a busy day here, yet I didn’t do anything big
– corrected some
– worked in the garden a little, since it’s an amazing 19°C (66°F) outside, and that for the end of October !
– been working on those bed sheets for my little boy. Does anyone know where – apart from Veritas, which is really expensive – I can buy a neat children’s fabric application to sew on the sheets ?
– went grocery shopping with the sprog in Colruyt. God it was busy !! Had to queue for parking space, queue to get in, all hallways were terribly crowded, and all cash points were open and extremely busy. Ugh. Will teach me to go there on a Saturday afternoon. Wolf loved it though
– made fruit for the little one, fed him and took him for a walk in the pram (actually to fetch bread, but shush, don’t tell him)
– updated his diary and added more pics (www.wolfdewaele.be)
– installed a bunch of programs, ao. Asheron’s Call
– did some general household stuff

All in all had a satisfying day.

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