Can I kill it, mom, please?

Yesterday some guys came with a couple of tons of equipment and trucks and the like, planted a giant generator the size of our garage, and cut off the power in the entire block. After about an hour and a half power came back on, thanks to that terribly noisy generator right in front of our house, across the street. The power company had issued a warning that the power was going to be cut for half an hour.
Great ! We shut all windows, let down the shutters, closed all curtains, and still we could hear the roar of the generator throughout the house. Needless to say sleeping was just great. Ugh.

For today they had announced a power cutoff from 10 to 12 and 15 till 16. Since we have a webdesign company, that could be a bit of a problem, but hey, there always is stuff to be done without internet, and the laptops could take over for 2 hours. At 9.25 power went down. Hmmm. Half an hour early, so no coffee made yet, and Bart hadn’t transferred the data he was working on to his laptop. Great. At 12 I went outside and asked a guy how much longer it was going to take. “Oh, at least another couple of hours”. WTF ? I found my camping stove and heated Wolf’s veggies, so at least he could have a decent meal. We had bread. By that time both graphic designers had already left the house and sought other workplaces, since power was really needed. For us there wasn’t much to do: Bart slept a little, I embroidered. No PC, no cooking, no telephone, no babyphone, no lights to go to the bathroom, no Olympics on telly, no hot water. We couldn’t even do the chores, like washing up, ironing, mowing the lawn…
Finally the power came back on at 15.45 ! Bart is filing a complaint and asking for a compensation for lost work hours. If he had known beforehand, they would have moved for the day. Hmmm. Grrr.

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