Back is broken once more 🙁 I can’t pick up Wolf, let alone change him or give him a bath. I sure hope this will get better shortly, annoys the hell out of me. Confined to the couch once more, ugh. Luckily it’s weekend and Bart can take care of him. I wanted to start painting though, I don’t have much time left before school starts again.

Tomorrow we go to this picnic at Gwen’s parents’ place, a big big garden with pool and everything. Her son Leander turns 5, so I just picked up some color books etc. for him. Yep, managed to do grocery shopping with this back of mine, although I had to ask a guy to put the stuff in my car, couldn’t do it myself. Next Thursday my niece’s eldest daughter turns 4, so I have to go there for cake and later on food too. Yay, I go to children’s parties now ! Of course it’s just because hanging with the parents is so nice, cos Wolf is still too young to really enjoy it. He loves watching older children though. And I must admit, they never asked me to come as long as I wasn’t a mom myself.

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