More money spent

Went out to buy a bed for Wolf today. I had lent one (and a lot of other baby stuff) from my best friend, whose son is 5 years old already. She was waiting for an adoption to come through though, they wanted a child between 1.5 and 3 years from South Africa. Thus she kept all stuff for 1.5 years and older, giving the rest to me. After nearly a year of waiting, they finally got word, and the baby is called Ernest, and 10 months old ! A lot younger than expected, but just as welcome.

For me this means returning a lot of stuff, most of which is not a problem at all, since I got a lot from my cousin too. The only thing that I didn’t have double, was the baby bed. I called around a little, but as my mom says: beds are not that expensive, and is used quite a long time. Moreover, if we want a second child… SO I went out and bought this beautiful dark iron baby bed, much more my style than all those wooden things. Me happy, and only a mere € 45 spent. 🙂


Spent most of the day grocery shopping, and varnishing the cupboard I’m revamping.
Tomorrow I have a big dinner here at home: it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday, and she and Bart’s dad, brother and his girlfriend are coming over for elaborate lunch. Usually she would do the cooking, but she has too much on her mind (and nerves) these days, so I’m doing it instead. She didn’t feel up to doing it herself, and didn’t want to go to a fancy restaurant because of Wolf. When we offered, she seemed very relieved, but insisted that I would get it ordered and ready-made. I said yes, cos she wouldn’t take no for an answer, but I’m cooking the whole shebang myself. The menu:

* Champagne with cheese crackers, deep-fried cheese balls and apricot halves filled with a ricotta-chicken-cinnamon-honey mixture

* grilled scampi with honey, with a side salad

* Boursin soup (boursin being a French cheese with garlic)

* pheasant (which my dad shot) (rolled in bacon, stuffed with French cheese) with mushrooms, chicory and pommes pins

* tiramisu

* espresso/cappucino with home made coconut cake

Do you think this will suffise ?

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